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Scapemaker - Steve V. Cypert
A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. Review can be found on my blog Dee's Reads

I love the concept of dreams. I am one who always has vivid dreams. When I read the blurb for Scapemaker, I was instantly intrigued. Unfortunately, I almost DNF this book. I got about 15% in and each page was like pulling teeth. Then, almost magically, things started to pick up. I mean really pick up. The plot finally started loving and we got to go into the dream world and explore the crazy things Matthew was experiencing.
Let me just say I'm glad I stuck with it. Matthew is a normal high school student whose father is a professor. After a strange incident at school (we don't know the details); Matthew's dad Mr. Namely appears in a catatonic state in which he cannot awaken. Months pass with no change and eventually Matthew moves to With his mom Mae and attends a school where things aren't as they seem.
He begins to learn of the dream world. It's an actual world where some other students learn to be Scapemakers, to walk in the dream world. Matthews father was a very skilled one, thus Matthew inherited some ability.
Once we learn about the Dreamscape world and alternate high school-- things move really fast. It's weird because the first part of the book moved super slow. I was a little overwhelmed by all the different elements of this new "world." For example: there are night terrors, spirits, vampires (totally different concept of them, btw), and an outside dream world called Imagī Nation. No, it's Not a Saturday morning Animè cartoon.
As Matthew learns more about his talents at Dreamscaper high, the mystery unravels about his father. He aims to free his father from the prison he's in (being in a coma and all, I'm not gonna explain more because I don't want to give it away). Matthew solicits the help of several classmates to hunt down who set his father up. On the way they encounter many crazy things, including the Sandman aka Nox, who is Matthews step-brothers evil dream half (confused? Yeah I was too). So the mystery unravels and the ending is pretty good.
Overall I'm giving this book 3 stars mostly based on creativity and subject matter. The ideas were there. The speed of the plot wasn't to my liking. There were also too many different elements, I think some should've been left out so the reader would be less confused. Such as the dream vampires I could've done without. There were cooler ideas that could've been more emphasized.