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Marked - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I really was taken aback by how much I enjoyed this book. I loved the mythos and the background that is set up for this really unique view/take on Vampires. P.C. Cast did an excellent job and this book was done within one day--which has become standard practice for all the books/comics I have read by the Casts. I recommend it for any lovers of Vampire novels, even if you don't read YA novels. Although you may not want to continue in the series, as there seems to be less background/mythos as the series goes on (in my opinion). Anyways I really liked it and am currently about half way through the entire series. Although at times it gets to be a little to "young adult" for me, (I'm 25 so not really that old but yeah) by the end of each book I still want to read the next. The only critique, or perhaps the biggest critique I will make is that I wish there was MORE legend and mythos included in each book. Because the history of the vampires and the Goddess Nyx are SO unique and brilliant, I am always hungry for more. However, I do know there are novellas available that go into this (i haven't yet read them). AND the comic books that Dark Horse released are purely background/mythos and I LOVED them. Anyways, if you read Twilight saga..and are itching for more I recommend this book! It's an easy read and very imaginative. The reader really feels like this world could exist.