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Burned - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast So damn good!!

I know a lot of you have given up on this series. After Hunted, I don't blame you. I almost gave up on it too. But, with Tempted (the last book) it picked up. A lot. And this book? Wow, it's as good as the first!! This book was SO good, the writing was phenomenal! So wherever you stopped in this series, just pick up Burned and give it another try.

You won't regret it. I have to finish this series! I ordered Awakened (the next book) as soon as I finished this!

I'm just shocked that a series can lose momentum this much and then bounce back SO strongly! I like that the new, or rather, old old ways were introduced. The bulls, the ancient power, all of that added a huge element to the already amazing mythology -- which is my favorite part of this series. The back story and mythology is so rich, I love that it just got better in this book! The Darkness (with a capital D) and it's smoky black tendrils, circling and waiting for an entrance...seriously? If that doesn't evoke excellent imagery...idk what does! This book played like a movie in my head. Those are my favorite kind of stories.