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Tristessa - Jack Kerouac, Aram Saroyan I have read this book many times. the last time was a few years go so the details are blurry and, like all my favorite books, i am left with the lingering thoughts & emotions the book imprinted on me.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. It's tied for my favorite Kerouac book (with The Subterraneans). This book is heartbreaking. It's raw, and honest. I don't mean honesty like we've come to be used to/expect in authors and narrators. I mean -- so honest you may shift in your seat and grumble because you feel as though you're reading the diary of a close friend. Tristessa is an angel in my eyes (and his). A beautiful angel who is sad, and sick. She's a junkie and Kerouac lusts for her. It's a short book, and a quick read. It will make you cry, it always makes me cry. Although everytime I finish it I always feel a little bit different.. It always changes me a little bit. This is a mark of a truly brilliant book. I think the last time I read it I felt similar feelings to Jacks own.."couldn't he have done something more for her?!" I felt sad, like I lost someone I loved. And angry at Him for letting it happen.