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Creepy Comics Volume 2: At Death's Door

Creepy Comics Volume 2: At Death's Door - Jeff Parker, David Lapham, Joe R. Lansdale, Dan Braun, Rich Geary, Christopher A. Taylor, Emily Carroll, Doug Moench, Timothy Truman, Ben Truman, Peter Bagge, Doselle Young This item was provided to me by the publisher, Dark Horse.

I lost interest after the first story. The art was good. Not amazing or spectacular, but good. I generally prefer comics with color, I find them to be more impressive overall. However, there are some equally excellent comics in black and white; I just feel like the bar is raised when it's in black and white. I enjoyed the first story a lot. It was unique, dealing with a shaman and her quest to save her tribe and her son from a terrible fate. It had a strong American Indian/aborigine theme and feel to it, which is unique as I don't recall reading many comics with that same theme. I liked that it seemed to create a completely original world in which the reader was sucked into. These are important elements of a good comic/graphic novel. If I could rate the first Story alone, I'd give it 3 stars. However, my rating goes on the entire book and the fact that the book went downhill after the first story.