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The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - R.A. Dick I really, really enjoyed this book. I was skeptical because of the many tepid reviews. I adored the movie; and thought it would provide me further insight to the characters I loved so much in the film. If you like the film I highly suggest you read this book. There are differences; for example Mrs. Lucy Muir has a son in the book, Cyril. However I can see why the film adaptation didn't include him in the story.

This is a short book. It's one of those easy, short, lovely books that you can read in a weekend. It's also the kind of book that takes you through someone's life in a very straightforward and clear way. I'm surprised by how attached and sympathetic I feel to the main character, Lucy. For a 143 page book, that is. Another thing that surprised me in a good way was the ending. Don't worry I won't spoil anything. I just have to confess I shed tears at the end. I was so happy. I really adored the ending and I thought the novel made some great points about life.

The ghost aspect was interesting too. I liked how there were remarks about the afterlife that Captain Gregg made, yet left a lot to imagination. In a way, it was very plausible. It was less a book about a haunted cottage-- and more a book about a woman and how she carved her way in life after the death of her husband, Edwin.

Again, if you are considering reading this book I say-- read it!! It's a great read. You'll definitely want to see the movie again after. Whoever says movie adaptations never live up to the books they were created by are wrong in this case.