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Classics Illustrated Deluxe #10: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and Other Tales

Classics Illustrated Deluxe #10: The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and Other Tales - Edgar Allan Poe, Jean-David Morvan, Yishan Li, Wang Peng I really enjoyed this illustrated classic. My favorite thing about it was the artwork. I loved the color scheme and overall theme of the art. It gave the classic Poe tale an added creepiness and charm that enhanced the story. After finishing it, I felt that it would be perfect for a youngster who is perhaps new to classic fiction. It could work to convince the reader that these classics aren't merely dusty homework assignments to be rushed and forgotten; but rather an introduction to a new and fascinating world. I also recommend it for any lovers of classic literature who simply want to re-read their favorite stories in a condensed format, and love the idea of accompanied artwork! I plan to make another trip to the used bookstore where I found this hidden gem, and purchase several more!

The only reason I gave 4/5 stars was because I felt the story adaptation was not up to the par I had hoped for. However, now knowing what caliber to expect, and being more forgiving, in the future I'm sure my ratings will be 5/5.