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The Warble

The Warble - Victoria Simcox See the full review here - http://diamondlovestoread.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-magic-warble-review-giveaway.html

I really enjoyed this book. I'm a huge fan of middle grade fantasy books, and I was really happy when I won a copy of this.

The world that Simcox created is very colorful, imaginative, and seemingly familiar. The world is called Bernovem. Kristina is a 13-year old girl with no friends besides her rat Raymond and her teacher. She gets picked on a lot at school. On the day of Christmas break she gets a gift from her teacher, a mysterious hatbox. She finds a strange object inside--the Magic warble-- and is transported to Bernovem, alone and scared. Thus the adventure begins. Kristina learns a lot through her travels as "the chosen one." Her mission (in order to get back home); is to place the magic warble on it's sacred spot-- thus freeing the once-beautiful, now dilapidated Bernovem and allowing the good King and Queen to rule again. But doing this is quite a challenge for Kristina, how can she defeat the evil Queen Sentiz? Prince Werrien and Kristina become best friends, and she learns a lot about true friendship. Oh, and the illustrations are superb!

Overall, I really liked the world of Bernovem. It felt very real to me, and I really felt for Kristina. I found myself inwardly screaming "No! Don't trust so-and-so!" Haha, but her naïveté melts a bit and she learns not to trust just anyone. These are important lessons that middle-grade readers should be exposed to.

What bothered me was this: I felt Kristina's classmates (the bullies) when they went through everything they did (no spoilers, so I'll leave it vague!) it's not feasible to me that after that sort of experience they would stay as mean and nasty immediately afterwards towards Kristina. It didn't feel genuine. And I guess it just bothers me too because it's more than one character. I can accept one token baddie, who won't reform no matter what-- but 3!?! Surely all 3 children were not heartless evil little buggers? Yet that's how I felt they were all through and at the end I was hoping for some redemption for them.,but none came.

That being said, it's a fantastic book. I you want a really strong fantasy novel, that is light and fun to read-- read the Magic Warble! I can't wait to read the second novel The Black Shard!