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The Sweetest Dark

The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe Thank you to Random House Publishing Group for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

This book was one of the many that have been sitting on my TBR forever. Even after I gained a galley copy--it sat on my digital-shelf for a long time. Two weeks ago I was bored so I figured I would read a few pages of this book to see if I'd put it further down on my shelf, or keep it where it was and get to it in a month or so. So I read the beginning. Then I read the first chapter....then, more. Finally I realized this book would have to wait one more week so I could finish what I was reading and devour it. Basically, The Sweetest Dark cut in my tbr line. My other books were furious. "No one cuts in line!" They ranted, but I didn't care. What was it that caused me to drop everything and read this?! It was the writing. The way it was written. That's what hooked me. Like, immediately.

Besides the fact that I loved loved the writing so much (it's one of those uniquely written novels that just shreds competition)--I started to really get attached to Lora. And the story. ooh what a story! Lora is so cool, though. You think she's going to be all waif-like and sensitive and polite...but whoa..she's got guts. And, by the time she gets to Iverson and away from London-- I was kinda like "duh" to myself because, it makes sense. Being an orphan and all, she kinda had to have gumption. But being an orphan doesn't give you amazing wit, necessarily. Lora's awesome. I picture her a little uglier than the model on the cover. More plain. Bigger eyes and more of a dirty blonde-brown hair.

I don't really wanna discuss the story because I really enjoyed the fact that I didn't even remember the blurb by the time I started reading! I forgot it was about dragons (sorry, but I assume you know that if you're reading this). It didnt feel like a fantasy novel, though. Not entirely. I read a lot of historical fiction and it could almost be labelled that, but I like that this was young adult.

I have nothing negative to say about this book. The only thing is the ending was a bit rushed. But, as I pictured it, sometimes life events happen so unexpectedly and quickly it feels rushed. If this happens in real life, surely, it could happen in novels!? The fact that I never suspected where the book would lead--why would this be a negative? It's a big positive. ^_^

The author is my new obsession. I'm going to read all her other books, starting with The Deepest Night. I can't wait to read it and find out what happens!