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The Puzzle of Grandpops

The Puzzle of Grandpops - Mark           Williams Review can be found on my blog: http://diamondlovestoread.blogspot.com

The Puzzle of Grandpops is one of those all-around great mystery reads. I recommend you to plop yourself on your favorite chair with some hot tea/coffee, if it’s raining outside--even better, and read this book in one sitting or a several hour stretch. You’ll want to keep reading right from the start. It wastes no time getting you acquainted with “Grandpops” and pulled into the mystery of his strange death. It’s kind of like a modern Sherlock Holmes. There are some suspicious characters that keep you wondering throughout. Several times I found myself guessing as to the outcome. I admit, I found myself going over the characters in the shower—listing everything suspicious and why/how they could be involved. I’m not typically one for a straight mystery novel, unless it’s coupled with another genre. But this is one exception and I suggest it for anyone who wants a light read, as it’s really fun.
I give The Puzzle of Grandpops 4/5 stars.