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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd 3.5 stars

What a story! This book was heavily recommended to me by my bookish friends and I ended up winning a kindle copy in a giveaway. I'm really glad I did because I'm not sure if I would've picked it up of my own accord.

Juliet is the daughter of Dr. Moreau. Her father was labelled a madman and subsequently disappeared; presumed dead. Juliet's life pretty much shattered after that. Her family were labeled as outcasts and no one took her in. After her mother died, Juliet got a job at King's College in the laboratory. But, she was hounded by filthy perverted doctor/professors. A piece of paper that is familiar to Juliet as being her Fathers' leads her to a room in an inn where she finds Montgomery, her family's old servant.

Montgomery is terribly handsome and Juliet had a childhood crush on him. She finds him acting like a gentlemen and also finds her father's watch in his room. She quickly deduces her father is alive and forces Montgomery to come clean about her fathers whereabouts. He reveals he is Dr. Moreau's assistant and they live and work on a deserted island. Juliet then loses her job because a pervert surgeon tries to rape her and she cuts his tendons and narrowly escapes. Her only option is the streets or going to the island to reunite with her father.

At first everything is sort of nice for Juliet on the island. And now she has two boys pining after her. Edward was shipwrecked and he's a cutie who is crushing on Juliet. Juliet's father still works in his laboratory nonstop and is clearly keeping secrets about his experiments to Juliet.

The plot moves quickly and I was always interested in the story trying to guess what would happen next. I was surprised numerous times but ultimately satisfied with the way the story went. Until the end.

The only reason I am giving this 3.5 instead of 4 stars is the ending. It's horrible! I don't mind cliffhangers, it's just that this cliffhanger didn't feel right. It felt like it ended like that to entice people to read the sequel. Of course, I will definitely be reading the sequel, and I'm super glad it's being released soon. This is definitely a series I will be staunchly following. I can't wait to see how Juliet will fare!

I recommend this book for lovers of gothic fantasy with a hint of mystery too.