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The Escape of Princess Madeline

The Escape of Princess Madeline - Kirstin Pulioff After reading the blurb of this book-- I instantly wanted to read it. It had all the elements of what I like in shorter stories. It's a fantasy, with a young princess who is rebellious against her father's (the King) demand for her to marry. Feeling cornered; she finally decides her only option is to run away from the palace. Madeline is an interesting heroine. I like how she's written as a 16 year old. Sometimes 16 year old girls are too maturely written. Don't get me wrong-- I love to read mature heroines AND immature ones! I was very mature at 16. Some girls aren't. I know it's a difficult thing to write well while being consistent. Madeline is obviously a sheltered girl who literally lives the life "of a princess" and it shows. But she's endearing. I love that. She isn't annoying, nor is she a spoiled brat. She wants to live her own life! And I don't blame her. I also liked how the story easily wraps you in. I love Daniel. I hope he can rescue her! I won't say more because I don't want to spoil anything! And since this is a short story-- this is as long as my review can be without giving stuff away!
I will be reading the next one. It's a great short story fantasy. I highly recommend it.