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I, Minion (The Minion Chronicles, #1)

I, Minion (The Minion Chronicles, #1) - Lewis Dix FULL review (includes pictures!!) on my blog @ http://diamondlovestoread.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-giveaway-i-minion-by-lewis-dix.html#more

My Rating: [3 1/2 stars]

Ok, like I mentioned above, this book reminded me of two very awesome things. Ray Harryhausen and R from Warm Bodies. I wanna tell you all the reasons why I liked this book. [by the way, since this was such a fun book, I'm having fun with this review]
It's short. It doesn't waste time explaining things-- it dives right in. I love this. Why? Because it means the author thinks me (the reader) is smart enough to put pieces together!

This is the first book I've read where the narrative / main character was a undead Skelton minion. Awesome subject matter!

Has a badass Dark Lord character. Who else would be wielding the magic to control our minion (he has no name). Oh yeah, and he talks in CAPS and BOLD. *snickers* not sure how I feel about that but its funny.

Reminds me of Ray Harryhausen film Jason and the Argonauts where the king / sorcerer used Hecate's magic to create skeletal minions to fight Jason and his argonauts!! If you haven't seen this classic movie yet you MUST. The special effects are awesome (for the time period, still considered revolutionary). But I remember watching as a kid and being like, I wonder what the skeletons are thinking? Ha! Curiosity Somewhat fulfilled!!

The narrator is different, he strives to be different. He's curious and doesn't really want to be an undead minion. It is a sad situation if you think about it. All these poor souls are prevented from moving on into an afterlife and caused to just kill all these people for a glimpse of "life."
He is different/unique. His thoughts (I strongly suspect) are very developed and deep. AND He does break free of it thanks to his strange (as yet unexplained) connection to Kora the witch. I won't say anymore, because it's a short story I don't wanna spoil!
The MC is very similar to R of Warm Bodies. This was super cool.
Great ending. I didn't feel it was a cliffhanger BUT I did feel like I want to read more!
Why 3 1/2 stars? I've been more critical lately. The reason in this case was mostly technical stuff. I didnt care for the bold caps when the Dark Lord was speaking or angry. Some of the parts seemed contradictory...like one minute he wants to murder people then he doesn't? But he doesn't explain the sudden back and forth, even after his encounter with Kora he does do some "bad guy" stuffs.
I recommend this book if you want to read a great fantasy novella that is fun and funny too! It's a quick read and you'll love how imaginative the story is.