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The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans

The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans - Kevin Emerson I enjoyed this. The cover really bothers me-- the girl looks like a total bitch the way she's smirking at the camera. Ugh. But the guy, Owen looks good.
Anyways I loved the Atlantis theme, the crazy island, and the dystopian / future aspects of it. Sometimes I'm leery of dystopias because they can be quite dark, gritty, and depressing. However, one of the strong points in this book is that the dystopia feels organic. It actually feels plausible that in the future America will be like that. Burning through the ozone so the sun is dangerous. Yet I know it sounds depressing, but the way it unfolded -- through Owen's POV was the only life he knew and he wasn't miserable.
There wasn't too many politics in this either; which can be a thing in dystopias too. I'd say it felt more like a good solid adventure/mystery novel. I'll definitely be checking out the next book, although I'm not in a rush to do so.