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The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels

The Last Hybrid: Bloodline of Angels - Lee  Wilson A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

It didn't take me long to finish this book. It was just one of those really well-written and full -of-action stories. We begin with Hannah Sawyer; 26 year old who took off from college due to excessive partying and finds herself wanting to go back. I have to just say how much I loved the fact that we get a narrator who is 26. I'm 26. I'm always troubled by the fact that MC's are either 19-21 or 30+... i want someone my age! so yeah, I could totally relate to Hannah. I took off for a few years before going back to college, and it was cool to see her go through that awkwardness and find her way. She goes back to college and meets a new group of friends. She meets Daniel-- (he saves her when she falls in the parking lot) he's cute but a little over confident at times. *shrugs* it definitely made me cringe a few times. And Hannah in the beginning was kinda acting a fool around Daniel. Yeah, we all do at some point-- but it was super annoying. "I can't stop kissing him-- what's wrong with me? Am I a slut?" (Not a quote, or a paraphrase .,just a gist) Then, like a chapter later all annoying-ness disappeared.

So then we find out Daniel is half-angel. The dad who left him and his mom was an angel (we don't know if he was a Dark Angel or Not). Daniel is confronted with all this crazy stuff (he bleeds white) and tells Hannah who kinda freaks, but ultimately decides to stick with her man. Her friend Erika and her bf Anthony are good friends with Hannah and Daniel. They have some supernatural elements touch them as well. Oh, I almost forgot Ms. Beeyatch AKA Natalie (the annoying bitch from hell). Yeah, I hated her. Still do! Putting her slutty hands all over Daniel. I kept saying "get away from that crazy chick Daniel!!" *sigh*

Vampires are in the mix too. This book has it's own unique mythology and I love that. It's awesome. Some things that kinda bothered me were the school dance which felt way too high school, and not enough College. The beginning had a mechanical feel but then it smoothed itself out and the majority of the book was fine. There were a few parts where I was positive a man wrote this book. Because Hannah was the narrator a lot of the time, I found myself thinking "a girl would never say/think that." But it was small stuff, and maybe I'm just being too critical. (For example, even if a girl has a good complexion she will still throw on a layer of mascara with the lip gloss for a date w/her man). Overall it didn't detach me from the great story, plot, characters, etc.

When I finished the book I felt seriously bummed that the next one wasn't within arms reach for me to read it. If it was, I'd definitely have started it immediately. It's a series I'm definitely going to be following. I recommend you read this book if you like a different spin on angles/vampires and characters who aren't so cut-and dry.