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Fallen (Fallen #1)

Fallen (Fallen #1) - Lauren Kate I'm part of the minority of readers who didn't love or hate this book. I liked it. Yup. Liked it. Will I be reading the sequel? Yes. I wanna know what happens. Despite all the things that irked me. I still couldn't put the book down. What does this tell me? I must not have hated it that bad. I was just annoyed at some bits.

Like what? Well, Lucinda (great name, by the way) she's kind of....weak. Emotionally weak, that is. She's also...immature. Emotionally immature, that is. For someone who has lived thousands of lives, I don't look forward to hearing how much worse she must've been in those past lives.

The parts I got annoyed were when she exhibited those weak and immature tendencies. Most of all, I just wanted to tell, STICK UP FOR YOURSELF. DAMNIT!! But you know what? It's ok. I forgive you Lauren Kate. Why? Well, because there actually are many teenagers who act just like Luce. Just because I happened to be a confident, capable, emotionally mature teen (wink wink) doesn't allow me to forget how stupid my peers were (some of them, at least).

Most of all, I liked the story. Yeah, of course it bothered me that as soon as another guy kissed her Daniel punched him in the face...showing classic dominant agusive tendencies. But later we learn that one is an angel and the other is the devil. So, I let that slide.

Yeah yeah...sue me. I like a good story. And, I really want to know what happens. Maybe now that Luce knows what's what-- she'll show more confidence and strength. Oh I hope so. Because this series could get downright awesome with some kick ass females.