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The Iron King

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I'd like to first shout a big THANK YOU to all the book bloggers who discussed, fangirl'd, and recommended this book to me. This is a perfect example of why I'm so glad to be a book blogger. I wouldn't have picked this book up on my own, and if I had never read this book I'd be missing out-- big time!

The Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series. I haven't read many fairy/Fae books really. It's sort of weird because I love paranormal and I think fairies are cool. I have read books where "Fey/Fae" are encorporated in the story and I'm always intrigued by the unique ways the authors use them in the story. Of course, they're central in this story.

One of the reasons I loved this book so much was the host of amazing characters. When I say characters, I certainly mean characters. Meghan herself is a white-blond stick-thin teenager who crushes on a dumb-jock and isn't noticed by, like, anyone. (no, it's not because she's ugly or boring, there's actually a reason--but you'll have to read it to find out). Then there's Meghan's best friend Puck. He's a hilarious red-headed goof who has had her back forever. Or, at least as long as she can remember. Although she's never been to his parents house, never met his parents or seen his house. (Suspicious, right?!)

Meghan is just a high school girl who doesn't lead a particularly interesting life...(you know where this is going, don't cha?) Until she turns 16. The day of her birthday--sh*t goes down. Once Meghan comes home to find her horrible birthday getting even more horrible by being left alone with her little half-brother Ethan who is admittedly not himself all of a sudden. Meghan is determined to get Ethan back when he is kidnapped (it's in the blurb, so I'm not spoiling!) and whisked to The land of Fae (Not neverneverland--just the NeverNever). Meghan enlists Puck's help and finds herself on one hell of an adventure.

Oh, and did I mention my favorite character is a talking cat? *snickers* Grumalkin (said cat) is hilarious. And there's a hot bad boy Ash who Meghan finds herself hopelessly crushing on (hey, who wouldn't? And he's way better than the jock she previously vied for).

I strongly suggest you read this piece of YA fantasy heaven. I read The Iron King in one day (yeah, it's better than TV) and am going to Barnes & Noble this week to buy the next book in the series (or maybe the next two books...) because it will fill you with a NEED to read the rest of the series! It's that good.