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Replica - Jenna Black Thank you to Tor Teen for providing me with an ARC copy.

I'm not one who reads a lot of sci-fi or dystopia novels. I'm very particular with these genres and I tend to dislike a lot of the sci-fi books I read. For me, Dystopian novels can be really good as long as they aren't too bleak. I need some positivity with my world-crumbles. Like a positivity napkin to wipe all the world-crumb(les) aside and leave me feeling like... yes there's hope for humanity!

Replica was an interesting read. We have a futuristic New York which has basically been overrun by a corporation call Paxco. Nadia Lake is the daughter of the president of Paxco and engaged to her best friend (their parents made the match when they were young). Now Nadia is almost 18 and officially engaged to her best friend Nathaniel (Nate). He's the heir to the company that made this awesome human replica technology.

Nate is mysteriously murdered -- and Nadia was the last to see him. He isn't really "dead and gone" though because he has a Replica. Only the most prestigious and wealthy citizens have replica technology. Knowing Nate would have a replica replace him; who would murder him? Nadia is determined to find out who killed Nate and together they search for Bishop. Bishop is Nate's chauffeur (but also his secret lover). He was with Nate when he was murdered, but then disappeared.

The story honestly felt like a dystopian mystery. It was pretty cool trying to keep up with the clues. I really felt for Nadia because she was forced to do things to protect her family and she really showed a lot of strength in what she went through. I had a major crush on Dante, Nadia's father hired him as a personal assistant. He seems like a good love interest for Nadia.

Overall I enjoyed the story and the world-building. It was easy to visualize this new world. I really cared about Nadia and Nate too. The thing that troubled me was the ending. (Don't worry, no spoilers!) like I said earlier, I like to have positivity in dystopian novels. It's easy to get depressed with all the themes in Replica. Although I didn't feel like it was a heavy book, I think the ending could've had a little more positivity. A kiss between Nadia and Dante would've been nice. Something to show that these kids have tough times ahead, but that they also have good times too and will persevere in their bleak world. Other than the ending though, I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to read the sequel!