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Gargoyle Addiction

Gargoyle Addiction - Livia Olteano A copy of this book was provided to me as part of the blog tour, in exchange for an honest review.

I like paranormal books. I haven't read much New Adult PNR but I plan to change that after reading and loving this book. It's been difficult to write out all the reasons I love this book, so bear with me as this could get a little choppy.
Gargoyle Addiction opens up immediately awesome. We get Karla (main character) on her birthday at da club. Then, we soon get her best friend giving her birthday present-- an ARC of her favorite paranormal romance. Karla's a book nerd! Go, Karla. :) She falls asleep wishing she could have a man like Kann, the character in her series. A paper cut and weird dream later and we get Kann in the flesh. (Aw, yeah). Before I move on, can I just say how funny it is that a book character came to life? Is awesome, and makes me laugh when I think about how much shit I'd be in if this happened to me. Me (and other book obsessed gals) would have to seriously face the music if we were faced with our book boyfriends showing up on our doorstep. Can we really handle all that we pine for? Do we want to know? Lol, ok, I'll stop with the philosophical questions. This is supposed to be a book review, not a paper for my philosophy class....
What I like about Karla- Karla is a strong woman, decisive, and fights against having a man control her in any way. She's also honest with herself, but terribly hurt and deep down has a hard time letting Kann in all the way even though they share souls. They do this through the concept of Numata. Basically it's the coolest thing ever.

“Numate (pronounced newmate) – special kind of mating where souls of the two mated become irrevocably linked together; they will both live for as long as the one with the longest life-span; they will both die if one is killed, and they cannot bear to be apart”
Excerpt From: Olteano, Livia. “Gargoyle Addiction.” iBooks.

What I like about Kann: Hot, determined, controlling/overprotective, instinctual. I really liked how the paranormal creature (Kann-- gargoyle) wasn't portrayed as being namby-pamby or vegetarian. He was a gargoyle. He eats and hunts wild animals (like bears). He's a predator, and doesn't like being controlled. The reason he so tries to manipulate Karla is because he feels she summoned and trapped him and he doesn't like that feeling (who would?). He's kind of arrogant at times but even from the start I could tell he had a good heart. He didn't know or believe in love; but wanted to possess Karla so she couldn't get the better of him (at first). Things didn't go as planned though. Oh, and he's super hot. I mean, did you see him on the cover? *fans self*

I really enjoyed this New Adult Paranormal Romance. If all the stories in this genre are as good as this I will be very impressed. I have a feeling they're not, though. This was just too good. The end brought a big happy smile on my face and I love that. It truly was a good love story-- not to mention crazy creative! I cannot wait for the sequel! When will it be out?! You can bet I'll be waiting for it as I don't want to forget this author/series!

I recommend it for lovers of paranormal romance, new adult, and stories with original characters who seem incredibly real.