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Slumber - Tamara Blake A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher as part of the blog tour. No compensation was involved.

I really liked Slumber. It was a super fast read; I read it in one sitting! I actually love that it wasn't too long and didnt drag. I haven't read a succinct story all year. I also want to mention how I loved the cover. The cover is what drew me in-- mainly the color. Going in I really didnt know what to expect at all. By the time I started I had forgotten what the blurb said and just knew because of the title it had something to do with sleep and paranormal whatsits.

Ruby. My, I have mixed up feelings about this chick. She's strong and loving, all the traits of a good human. I loved Ruby (for the most part) and felt sympathy for her. I also felt proud of her that she didn't break down nearly as much as I would have, given the circumstances. She's one tough cookie. Perhaps like one more burst of tears would've made it more believable.

So Ruby is selfless but she's also DAFT. Thats what really frustrated me; her lack of common sense. How can you not know something supernatural is going on? Does the girl you see in the hospital who tells you she never met you before and you just saw her jump off of a building NOT clue you in? Sorry Ruby, you're great but not too bright. Besides the fact that Ruby can't pick up on any major hints; she is a good girl. She stays true to her principles, even when I kinda wanted her to sway a little more towards Tam.

Ruby won't give Tam a chance. She's annoyed with him and wants to leave him but I'm confused as to why. She changes her feelings toward him when he does nice things to her. If I can see he really care about her--why can't she? I mean I get how he's sketchy. But he's trying to help her and spends time with her and her family. I really liked him. I felt like I could've seen more reasons why he was so conflicted-- but my mind made ample suggestions and I'm sure it'll be explored in the sequel.

The ending was a big mindfuck. I mean, I kinda suspected it but then dismissed it...I really didnt like the last sentence. It bothered me, but I guess in a good way because it's a total CLIFF hanger (PUN INTENDED). I guess it served its purpose because I'm biting my nails in anticipation of the sequel! When is it coming out?! I have no idea. But not soon enough.

P.S. Why not more kisses with Tam? I mean, just because it's YA they can't snuggle in bed together and mess around...or allude to messing around?
Dream sex?
Darn. He was so hot.