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The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West Loved this. It was hard to pull away from because it was so good. The story just instantly drew me in. Carmen's narration was extraordinarily funny and likable. I felt I knew her instantly, and felt for her completely.

Cayman is poor. It's just her and her mom, for as long as she could remember after her rich father left while her mother was pregnant. Carmen grew up living upstairs from the doll shop her mom owns. She pretty much runs it's and is drowning in the despair of maybe not being able to fulfill her dreams. Then she meets Xander, cutie rich guy who is a total sweetie pie. I really Liked Xander and his personality. I think my favorite part was Caymens' sarcastic and witty banter. It made me laugh, and the chemistry between Caymen and Xander felt genuine.

Although I'm new to the contemporary YA genre; I definitely feel like this is one great book for lovers of the genre. It's a fun and meaningful story with lovable characters and a unique story. My only qualm is that I wish the ending could've been a bit prolonged. I would've liked to bask a little bit more in the way things ended. Incidentally, don't expect a neat ending; there is a believable loose string that I was ultimately satisfied with.

Pick this up when you want a great love story.