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The Kingdom of Little Wounds

The Kingdom of Little Wounds - Susann Cokal A copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Unfortunately, I could not finish this book. The Kingdom of Little Wounds was categorized as young adult AND Children's Literature on Netgalley. I double checked and it is listed as a young adult book on all the outlets I've looked at. This is actually important to me because if it was categorized as an adult book I would have been able to stomach it and finish it (most likely).

It starts out like a fairy tale fantasy type story with a seamstress, a Princess, and other royal characters. About 5% in there is a sexual encounter with a 15 year old girl who gets pregnant and miscarried in the middle of the street. Ok, fine. Whatever, right?

Then, shortly after, about 10% in we have a forced sexual encounter that is so beastly it ends in death. Death! And it is described very vividly. Oh, but that's not all. The appalling situations continue in this children's book.

Finally, at 15% in we have a sexual act committed (again, forced) that ends up being so detailed and gross it's....ugh. It's gross because the man has literally mutilated himself and is explaining in detail to the 15 year old girl who is forced to do this...his mutilation practices.

I swear I almost vomited. Especially when I remembered this was supposed to be young adult!? Unacceptable. The fact that it was labelled Children's Fiction (was that a mistake on their part?) I'd really like to know because...smh. Even if it's as a mistake and it is young adult it needs to have a warning that this novel deals with Forced sexual encounters, rape, and molestation.

Again, I DNF this book completely and the rating is based upon the amount I did read.