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Dragon Craving

Dragon Craving - Livia Olteano I really enjoyed the first book in the Otherworld Summons series; so I was excited when Dragon craving came out so I could read more about the characters. New Adult paranormal is a genre I want to see expand. So far this series is the only one I know of that is New adult paranormal, and I love it. Since I'm the age of New Adult, it's as really refreshing to read a book where the characters are 25-27 ish.

I did like the character of Ela a lot. I felt that her position as Oracle was very fascinating and the troubles of the job were well done. I mean, it must be seriously tough for her. Imagine seeing the guy you're dating screwing his boss? Or anyone you're attached to you see their deepest darkest secrets. I don't know if I could handle it; it'd take a lot of strength. And Ela definitely has strength. I think perhaps my favorite part of this book was Ela.

Obitus, the dragon, or "destroyer of worlds," was introduced at the end of the last book. I kinda went from feeling how Kann felt about Obi (distrustful) to more how Karla felt (understanding and sympathetic). This change happened pretty quick after we got to know him a bit more and his nature. I liked how he felt he needed to claim Ela as his own, but kinda wasn't honest to himself about his true feelings because he was scared of losing her. So cute. I also thought their love making was way hot.

Definitely a bunch of steamy scenes. I can't wait for the next book in the Otherworld Summons series! I hope in the next one we can learn a bit more about Ryker and Janice! ;) and of course, keep tabs on Kann/Karla and Obitus/Ela too.

“Hope made heroes out of regular people, it made miracles happen, not because of some supernatural will, but because people fought for what they were hoping to achieve. People made miracles happen because they could hope. Maybe I’d make the impossible happen now that I could hope there’d be a chance.”

Excerpt From: Olteano, Livia. “Dragon Craving.” iBooks.
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