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The Iron Traitor

The Iron Traitor - Julie Kagawa I knew it was going to end this way, I KNEW IT.. Yet I still am shocked!

How. Could. You. Kierran. How?

There's a lot more I want to say and rant about this book! but I'm not sure I have the energy. In short, I felt that the bulk of the book didn't show a true friendship between the boys - even a familial relationship. It wasn't fleshed out enough. Maybe if it had been, I'd be feeling even shittier, but I think because it wasn't fleshed out - it rang false. Only towards the end when Ethan was less willing to do all these crazy this for Kierran, then it felt genuine. The resentment Ethan had for Kierran needed to be voiced earlier. He kept covering up for him, why? Why are you, Ethan, embarrassed for something your nephew did? I just felt he was being loyal to be loyal. kierran didn't even ask or expect a lot of those things. My first red flag was how little Kierran even thanked Ethan for taking care of Annwyl and finding her. Instead, he critisized him for driving her there in his truck. Asshole. He loyalty and trust that Ethan entrusts to Kierran was ...unearned.

obviously the amulet somehow will save Ethan. Maybe he'll have to become part fey to stay alive? I'm not sure. I just know that I hate Kierran. Why, when you have two understanding parents do you not even GO to them for help? It doesn't make sense to me, it's be one thing if they were strict or just aloof. But nOOO. Smdh. Fucking Kierran.